Sunday Night Bible Study
6-8pm Every Sunday
Every Sunday after we close we hold a bible study that is open for whoever would like to come. The calling to make Curbside and the love required to sacrifice the time to do it all came from a faith based in Jesus. We host these bible studies for the believer and non-believer in hopes that people can experience Gods love through the place and people God has given our community.
Ladies Skate Sesh

On the first Monday of every month we hold a no boys aloud session at the park. In a industry that is dominated by stinky dudes its time we empower these ladies and bless em with a open space free of show offs. All ages and skill levels are welcome!
Free Fridays

For a good time make sure to stop by on the last Friday of every month for a free session! Food and drinks are provided and you might even catch a best trick or contest of some sort. Its our way of saying thank you and we love you! Come party!
Saturday Clinics

Skateboarding can be rather intimidating to get into so we offer a weekly clinic where our veteran coaches help lead all skill levels on a board into their ways of a skater. Held on Saturdays from 10:30am-12pm. 
Film Nights at Curbside

 Every last Saturday of the month Curbside hosts a 2 hour long film night. Two filmers, 10 skaters, HD and VX. We'll film whatever lines you've been trying to get at the park and send them to you via email. $50 a head. Sign ups are now open, and once it's's full.
Private Lessons
1hr lesson

For $30 an hour you can get a one on one lesson with one of our coaches to help make you more confident on and off the board. Wether you are trying to finally land a kick flip or be more comfortable pushing, we got you!
Private 1hr lesson

If you want to really hone in on your skill without anyone around to cut you off or see your slams, we offer private lessons before the park opens for $60 an hour. All skill levels and ages are welcome!